Cameco Corporation (TSE:CCO) JUL 04 2015 BUY av $18.38


Cameco Corporation (Cameco) is engaged in the exploration and development, mining, refining, processing, manufacture and trade of uranium for sale as fuel for generating electricity in reactors nuclear power plants in Canada and other countries. The Company operates in three segments: uranium, fuel services and NUKEM. The segment of uranium involves the exploration, mining, milling, purchase and sale of uranium concentrate. The fuel services segment involves the refining, conversion and fabrication of uranium concentrate and the purchase and sale of conversion services. The NUKEM segment acts as a market intermediary between uranium producers and nuclear power utilities. Cameco conducts a portion of its exploration, development, mining and processing joint operations located around the world. Canadian uranium joint operating interests Cameco McArthur River, Key Lake and Cigar Lake.

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