Canadian Oil Sands Ltd(TSE:COS) JUL 04 -2015 BUY av $9.82


Canadian Oil Sands Limited is June investment company based in Canada. The Company EST majority owner of the joint enterprise Syncrude (Syncrude), no producer of high quality, low-sulfur, light synthetic crude oil (SCO). The company is owned approximately 36.74% in Syncrude, generating revenue from its share of production, and represents the only opportunity for the public not directly Diversified investment in Syncrude. Syncrude is Committed In the mining and upgrading of bitumen from oil sands near Fort McMurray, in Northern Alberta. The Syncrude is open compound proposed mine sands, utilities, bitumen extraction plants and complex United Nations valuation Who Transforms bitumen into SCO. Is it controlled jointly nominal Owners September Syncrude SCO produced by the oil sands, bitumen extraction of sands, bitumen upgrading in fractions Recovers Oil Light and The Combination of fractions SUCH A unique product of SCO

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