Let’s go over some basic questions from the investor’s point of view, why try and subscribe to Capital Analysis service

Who are you?

The website was originally created as a leisure time activity of several enthusiasts who have been working professionally in the world of financial markets for many years. “The websites are our own independent analyzes that cover our diverse capital sectors and daily market news. According to individual market segments, they take into account the basic time ranges from short-term to medium-term to long-term analyzes. The basis for the analyzes may be technical analysis, fundamental analysis or a combination thereof, short-term or historical-confirmed long-term seasonal factors or trends, as well as responses to current geopolitical events in the world. The above-mentioned enthusiasts are none other than the pioneer of spread strategies of AOS systems with more than 20 years of real history, Martin Beneš, and the sworn capital market guru and mentor Mr. Černík. For more than twenty years of professional history, the forex mage, consumer and philanthropist, the main mediator, is Vítězslav Souček. The last of the four founders of the idea of, cz is Mr.Sovak Jr. Historically one of the most successful analysts focusing on selected commodity energy markets and production of substitute biofuels specializing in sugar processing.

What is the historical performance of Capital analysis?

Historical performance is one of the few indicators which investors can use to decide if it’s useful to utilize all the analyses and services. In our case, however, we can elaborate on this question by asking: What is the performance of each sector of your analysis? Capital analysis divides its production into several sections as already discussed on another page of this website. V.I.P. Clients can choose between Seasonal Spreads, Seasonal Single Analyzes, Video Swing Analyzes, Long-term Equity Analyzes (average at home anal.30 days) and COT treand following analyzes. Each of these sections has its own performance evaluation, due to its different nature in the use of analytical methods. For all sectors, however, we can speak of more than 80% success rate of the analyzes presented. For more information, see the Results subpage.

What markets do you follow?

Capital analysis is not limited to a particular market segment. Thanks to the strong background of the analysts, they cover a large part of the capital markets from Forex, crypto currencies, commodities, stocks to individual ETFs and funds. However, this does not mean that the analyzes that reach you via mobile applications or the web are only about quantity and not quality. No, every published analysis goes through setting risk management and money management. Each analysis you receive in your hands contains accurate values of potential input, information to reduce risks and set investment goals. For specific analyzes you will also find individual investment examples. See examples on the cover page.

What is the difference between and eg Market watch, Morning Star Premium and others ..?

Market Watch or Morning Star Premium are great programs, but they have one defect. They are relying on the fact that you,investor, have a lot of free time, which is wasted in searching for business opportunities. At the same time, these applications take into account your necessary knowledge of market psychology or practical knowledge of analytical methods. Technical knowledge of indicators, knowledge of business conditions of individual market organizers and many other important aspects. Not to mention that you are always alone in decision making, there is no one to discuss your ideas with. In the case of Capital analysis, the opposite is true. The VIP section client does not have to spend hours at the computer, the most interesting business opportunities are served directly under his nose, without having to spend time with his family without missing his son’s football match or trip on his iron steed. In their mobile application or website, they can select the individual analysis circle they are interested in and just wait for the right newsletter. As already mentioned, each analysis has all the important information for correctly executed entry and exit from the market and even an absolute layman will find out how to participate in the trade. And in the case of uncertainty in its mobile application or online web access, it will contact our technical support and discuss more detailed information on how to become a successful trader with the possibility of appreciation over 5% per month.

Why to pay your analysis and not to use those that I get free from my merchant?

Whyto pay something more when I pay a merchant with my trading account open? So this is one of the basic questions of each of us, why pay something extra… when I have advice, tips, analyzes where I do business. And are you sure they’re really free? They are not. On the contrary, they are far more expensive. Why? How then? Because, it costs you the money you are losing in the market. Hand on heart. How long have you been in the capital markets? How much time do you spend per day, weekly studying information? How much did you earn in total for your X-Year business history through your merchant’s analysis? Have you been on the market for 5 years, wasting a few hours a week reading or communicating with a broker, and the end result is so harsh that it must be kept secret not only from your wife but also from your work colleagues? Why why? Because the trader lives on the fact that you trade, spreads, swaps, interest, fees, he is interested. BUT NOT PROFITS, they are not income for them. For Capital analysis, it is not important where you trade, how many trades you make, whether you trade with $ 100 or $ 10 million. Nobody calls you to do more business, to send more money to your trading account. Why? Because the performance of analysis is important to us. Because, you pay us for that. You buy here. So what’s the difference? Capital analysis must look at client satisfaction, which is measured only by the magnitude of the profits brought by its analysis, because you live it. Inanimate her overpriced spreads, fees, interest and lots of other hidden fees of securities traders or banks. What about a live stockbroker or bank employee at 99% of the reward, based on the cost you paid. What a living analyst Capital analysis, share your membership. An average trading account of $ 10,000 per year of active trading pays even 20-30%, or $ 2,000 – at a cost. No matter whether you make money or not. Monthly membership V.I.P. the section is rated $ 68, with an annual order of $ 50. And you can be sure that analysts behind publishing activities realize that without the profit of clients they are not taken, they are not profitable either.

Are you just a virtual company or do I have a chance to meet you?, cz is definitely a real company, with its registered office and is operated by Obchodní Systemy s.r.o. based at Žírovnická 3133/6, Prague 10 – Záběhlice, 106 00, Czech Republic. You can also meet some analysts at the address.

What do we get in the VIP section?

24 hours online access via mobile or web applications. Unlimited analysis of your choice according to company history. Permanently updated results and analysis courses. Four swing video diaries daily Unique analyzes of individual companies with targeted performance. Choice of seasonal strategy selection online communication with technical and analytical support. Unique telephone communication with support. Up to ten investment opportunities per day, subsequently evaluated. Access to educational videos and ebooks. Online market reports and their commentary.

Can I learn trading after completing an online course?

Yes you can learn, but not after one course that lasts a day or a weekend. Certainly not after video courses where you do not have the possibility of online consultations or online patterns for correct instructions. Capital analysis has taken a unique stand on this issue. We do not sell videos where we promote “We will teach you to trade” or “We will give you our know how” and all this for only $ 299.99 !!! Buy two trainings, for the price of one !!! Don’t take it when it’s so cheap! You won’t find any such slogans at us. We are professionals, our now how gained from 25 years of real cap trading experience. we keep all our ideas that have historically led to profitable positions directly on a silver tray up to your application. We are able to communicate with you, both by phone and live chat about your problems related to business activities. But to promise you that we will make you an experienced trader in a short time, we really will not. In the end, all efforts to understand the markets are on your side and we will not influence them. Before you get into overpriced courses, think about it. Throw away hundreds, thousands of USD for something you can earn and lose money, or ascension into insecurity. Or for a few small ones to get a set of pros, who themselves daily with the skin to market and knows what and how.

How much time do I need to successfully trade?

With Capital analysis none. Of course, the word none is inaccurate, but you still need a few minutes to read the analysis. Subsequently, only a few seconds remain for possible trading with your broker. Capital analysis delivers accurate, simple information to your application or website that has a lot of the most important information. Rise price, rise time, stoploss price, TakeProfit price (when entered).

How quickly do I become a dollar millionaire?

Quickly, just ten minutes a day to read the analyzes from, cz, to understand the principle of markets and some enthusiasm to trade with your broker.