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The website stockmarketsanalysis.com is a web page providing equities research services, information service and technical analysis.

I have over 20 years of experience in equity strategies trading in the North American financial markets. I am always ready to advise you on technical questions regarding setting up your platforms to make your own trading as comfortable as possible for you. New customers come mainly from positive references from our existing customers, even on a global scale. Whether you are a beginner trader or a professional, we offer an individual approach to each VIP information client. Among many others, the advantage of stock market analysis includes a discreet approach, quality, expertise and flexibility.


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$Stock Markets Analysis is an independent analytical research firm that covers selected Mid & Large stocks of North American diverse capital sectors and market news. According to individual market segments, we take into account the basic time ranges from short, medium to long terms based on technical and fundamental analysis or their combinations, our main focus is on the long term confirmed historical cyclical factors or trends, as well as responses to current and future geopolitical events in the world as predicted the stock market crashes of 2008/9 & 2020 Corona Virus, China and the Oil price melt down. The above mentioned enthusiasts are none other than the pioneer of equities strategies portfolios with more than twenty years of real history, Keith is a sworn guru, mentor and capital market enthusiast with a particular interest in fundamental stocks analysis with a professional track records and the founder of Stock Markets Analysis analytical research and information service, historically proven to be one of the most successful analysts.

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 Stock Markets Analysis

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The stock markets Analysis provides absolute coverage of the choices of selected stock picks in terms of opportunities. They provide comprehensive overviews, equity reports created with obvious precision, all for one purpose. It’s about simplifying your work, saving money and supporting you to guide you towards a profitable portfolio.


For over, 20 years with proven track records, he has been observing capital market trends and cycles with a critical eye. he did successfully predicted the 2008/9 stock markets crash and the economic crises, the Dow Jones historic rally, the 2020 Chinese Corona Virus trigger of the stock markets steep losses and the Oil price melt down among other global political strategic changes.



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Have you been on the market for a few years, lost your hard earned money, wasting a few hours a week reading or communicating with a broker, and the end result is so hard that it must be kept secret not only from your wife but also from your work colleagues?


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