Husky Energy Inc.(TSE:HSE) JUL 04 2015 BUY av $23.90


Husky Energy Inc. (Husky) is an international integrated energy company. The Company operates in two segments: Upstream and Downstream. Upstream includes exploration for, and development and production of, crude oil, bitumen, natural gas and NGL (Exploration and Production) and marketing of the Company’s and other producers’ crude oil, natural gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), sulphur and petroleum coke, pipeline transportation, the blending of crude oil and natural gas, and storage of crude oil, diluent and natural gas (Infrastructure and Marketing). Downstream includes upgrading of heavy crude oil feedstock into synthetic crude oil (Upgrading), refining in Canada of crude oil and marketing of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol blended fuels, asphalt and ancillary products, and production of ethanol (Canadian Refined Products) and refining in the United States of primarily crude oil to produce and market gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuels.

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