Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy

Investment research and analysis Philosophy:
Stock Markets Analysis is a Canadian-based platform for investment research and analysis, with broad coverage of North America. The organization is small but focused on mid- and large-cap stocks investment strategies. The objective, to a certain extent, is to protect capital, while creating unrivaled risk-balanced returns, over business and economics cycles. Our research and analysis is aimed towards reinforcing the multifaceted nature of extensive technical research and specialized analysis expertise.

Stock Markets Analysis can beat robots in yearly average percentage gains and does not utilize risky investments to maximize returns in the following vehicles: Leverage (Margin Trading), Currency Carry Trade, Futures Contract, Cash/Spot Market, Financial Instrument, Convertible Bonds, Speculations, Risk Averse, Distressed Securities. The organization prefers to concentrate on North American markets in which investor’s rights are respected. Through due constancy, we concentrate on industries in order to deal with the risks that are inevitable when putting resources into companies. With responsible management and a secure a plan of action, our organization’s command is sufficiently adaptable to permit research and analysis especially in US and Canadian stocks, trade quality value equities. By investing in companies expected to profit from economic, industrial, demographic, or social trends, we build our capacity to beat the execution criteria over the long run to support against market risk. We believe in concentrated portfolio management of a multi-billion dollars, ordinarily over 100 diversified stocks, focusing on our most astounding conviction in investment opportunities. In all cases, broadening, and effective risk management, are the key.
Stock Markets Analysis further oversees risk by maintaining sufficient diversification, hedging currency risk, keeping track on liquidity, and dealing with the counter-exposure pursued by the utilization of our exclusive cash flow, followed by the application of cash flow for dividend pay-back. We concentrate on shares of securities industries, and companies investment through its Disciplined Values Investment Research and analysis strategies in statistics.

Our investment strategies integrate investment stocks methodology, based on performance with thought-to-form, confidence-focused research and analysis portfolios expected to perform viable added value. Stock Markets Analysis concentrates on quality investments, including the choice of secure, sound companies, their business model in comparison with their peers, the management team, and financial report growth. In the investment banking jungle, there is no hidden secret, crystal ball, hope, miracle or prayers, but simply hard work, focus, discipline, patience and dedication.