Lorillard LLC (NYSE: LO) April 17, 201 BUY av $70.68


Lorillard, Inc. (Lorillard) is a tobacco company snuff. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes. The company operates through two segments: cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. The cigarette segment consists of the operations of Lorillard, Inc., Lorillard snuff and related entities. The segment of the electronic cigarette consists of LOECs Operations, Inc. (blu ecigs), Cygnet UK Trading Limited (SKYCIG) and related entities. Newport Corporation brand includes both menthol and non-menthol product offers. Product Line Company includesbrand families marketed under the name of Kent, True, Maverick, and Old Gold. These five brands are 45 different product offerings, which vary in price, taste, flavor, length and packaging. The company also sells electronic cigarettes directly to adult consumers on the Internet. It produces cigarettes for both the premium and discount segments of the market cigarettes produced locally.

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