Markets assessments

We will have a sluggish short term market environment as we continue toward the second (2) leg of an economic Depression while the Greek crises gets more European funding to keep the European Unity.

The commodities will continue their short term corrections factor as Iran will be adding more oil supply to the Oil markets, to mention that Gold has hit its 5 years low at $1,094.00 on July 23 2015.

The markets will improve in the second half of the year as the US economy gets stronger leading the way, the american markets will go much higher for the DJIA reaching an average high north of 19,000,00 Points.

The Chinese markets will go higher from these 30% lows of this summer 2015, the Chinese economy will see a modest GDP decrease as the domestic growth will go on for a medium term appeasement.
With that said I remain sceptical about the Chinese over heating economy and the level of bad debts and speculations to the point that I strongly believe that will lead the Chinese markets will be facing a hard landing in the second half of 2022 or earlier turning the worldwide stocks markets crush dragging down mainly the commodities producing countries, I will keep you informed.

Keith Mabtoul.
July,23, 2015

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