Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ: PAYX) April 17, 2015 BUY av $48.28


Paychex, Inc., is an integrated provider of payroll, human resources, secure and benefits outsourcing solutions for small and medium enterprises. The Company is focused on providing payroll and human resource services; provision of these services; the growth of its customer base, through the efforts of its direct sales force; improve customer service, thanks to its advanced technology; capitalize on growth opportunities in its existing customer base and new customers; invest in the business through the expansion of its services and product offerings; and supplement its growth through strategic acquisitions. The company offers products and services that enable customers to meet their diverse needs of payroll and human resources. These include: payroll; payroll management services; payment services for employees; regulatory compliance services; Services Paychex HR; retirement services management; insurance services; service management and human resources online.

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