Praxair, Inc.(NYSE: PX) April 17, 2015 SALE av $120.45


Praxair, Inc. (Praxair) is an industrial gas supplier in North and South America, Asia and Europe. The activities of the Company are organized into five segments, four of which have been determined on a geographical basis of segmentation: North America, Europe, South America and Asia. In addition, Praxair operates its surface technologies through its wholly owned subsidiary, Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc., representing the fifth segment. The Company’s products in its industrial gas business include atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, rare gases) and process gases (carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, electronic gases, specialty gas, acetylene). The company designs, engineers and builds equipment that produces industrial gases primarily for internal use. Surface technology company segment operated by Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc., wear-resistant materials and corrosion ceramic and high temperature metal powders.

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