Vodafone Group Plc (ADR) (NASDAQ: VOD) April 17, 2015 BUY av $33.89


Vodafone Group Plc (Vodafone) is a mobile communications company that provides mobile telephony, messaging, data and fixed telephony. Business money transfer service, M-Pesa allows people in emerging markets, to send and receive money via a mobile phone. The company also has products such as international money transfers, savings and loans, payment of wages and access to insurance products in the various markets. Vodafone network offers consumers and businesses a package with mobile data allowance, unlimited calls and texts, as well as cloud computing and support services to protect personal data. Vodafone cloud allows customers to store their personal digital content, such as contacts, photos and videos on the Vodafone network and access them on the passage of any connected device. Vodafone OneNet integrates fixed and mobile phones offering a communication solution. Vodafone Secure Device Manager gives customers a way to manage a large number of their intelligent devices.

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