Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC April 17, 2015 BUY AV $13.69


Wabash National Corporation (Wabash) is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of standard and customized trucks and tanker trailers and related transportation equipment. The company operates in three segments: Commercial Trailer Products, Diversified Products and Retail. Announces the segment of the truck trailer manufactures standard and custom trailer. The diversified products segment focuses to broaden its customer base, diversifying its product offerings, end markets and earnings. The retail segment includes its 15 owned retail operations to the company, which are strategically located in metropolitan areas offer additional opportunities to distribute their products. Trailer of the Company’s commercial products include Wabash, DuraPlate, DuraPlateHD, DuraPlate XD-35, FreightPro, ArcticLite, RoadRailer, Transcraft, Eagle, Eagle II, D-Eagle and Benson. Their drag reduction systems include three trailer Ventix DRS Aerofin and AeroSkirt CX.

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